Every Patient’s Advocate 2.0 – An Update

updateDo you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in your day, and that you can’t possibly do everything you wish you could do?

Not every day, of course!  But yes  – I know you’ve felt exactly the same way.

That’s been my constant state now for the last many months. And because each of the blog posts and articles I write here has always taken me hours to complete (research, writing, editing, finding photos, posting and promoting) – I had to put much of that work on a shelf when other work took priority.

But I sure do miss my regular posting and then interface with YOU – my favorite readers – here at my personal blog… and so, after noodling it over for awhile, I finally figured out how I can fit this work into my already-crazy days.

As you long time readers know, my posts at this site have always been very long and involved.  (just take a look around – you’ll see!) and of course, that’s why they have taken so long to compile for you.

One reason they have always been that way is because there just wasn’t much information available to help patients get smarter, ramp up, empower themselves.  But today – almost 10 years after I started in patient empowerment work – there is far more good information available. Media focuses on smart patient advice far more than it ever did. Many good books have been written. Many patients are getting the message.

abcstatementWith confidence there are lots of good people helping in good ways, I can now make that shift in my approach – in effect Every Patient’s Advocate 2.0!

That is, I’ll become your curator of good, smart patient information.  As I find articles, blog posts, commentary – whatever it is – I will share it with you, give a quick summary, and then I’ll recommend whatever I think you can do with it. That might be to embrace it and share it, or ignore it, scoff at it, fight back – or anything in between.

So I’ll begin with the first post in this new series: When Patients Read What Their Doctors Write

And I’ll ask for requests.  What would you like to see on these pages? Please comment below.



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3 thoughts on “Every Patient’s Advocate 2.0 – An Update”

  1. due to recent changes in the health bill, the majority of patients lost their doctors, my question to you is how do i reach the new doctor with the understanding of what is needed from this doctors…every time i see a new doctor they seem to be interested in what happen 10 ago, than what is happening at the present. enclosing i ask a couple of doctors for tests, they refuse, yet they want to issue meds. interesting. how do patients chose A doctors they can communicate with.?

  2. Geranimo – to clarify – no, the majority of patients did not lose their doctors, but those who are now using the hew health plans, and are subsidized, did find that their former doctors may not be on those plans.

    Asking a doctor for tests when you haven’t yet worked with that doctor is a not-so-subtle way of telling the doctor that you think you know more than he/she does. Maybe you do! But it’s no way to begin a relationship which needs to be mutually respectful.

    Here are some ways you can prepare for an appointment that will set a better stage: http://patients.about.com/od/doctorsandproviders/a/How-To-Prepare-For-Your-Doctors-Visit-or-Appointment.htm

    Best of luck to you.

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