July 2008 – Update on Randy Pausch

(The post below was put online this morning at 8:15 EDT. An update at 10 AM — Randy Pausch died this morning. My prayers are with his family.)

Because so many of you, my readers, have checked here to learn more about Randy Pausch, I bring to your attention a comment made by Claudia, one of you, on my February post.

Claudia tells us there is an update on Randy’s page, and he’s beginning to struggle further with his cancer. Here’s a link to the Randy Pausch Update Page. (and thanks for the heads up, Claudia.)

If you are not familiar with how hospice works, this is a great opportunity to learn about it. Just as we empowered patients learn about taking care of ourselves when we get sick and need medical care, it’s just as important to learn how to prepare to die.

Our well-being during the last few weeks or months of life, and both physically and emotionally, is supported during hospice care. Patients choose hospice care at the point where it no longer makes sense to pursue curative care.  Hospice supports palliative care which means keeping the patient pain free and comfortable through the point of death.  Learn more about hospice from my colleague Angela Morrow at About.com.

My prayers are for Randy’s comfort and peace, and just as important, his family’s comfort and peace during this time.


Read previous posts about Randy Pausch here.


PS — For those of you who have left comments on my blog for Randy — please know that I have NO idea if they ever get to him.  I’m blogging about him out of my respect for how he has approached his disease and the lessons he has taught all of us.  But whether or not he even knows this blog exists is a question mark.  You are more than welcome to leave your comments here!  But I don’t know if Randy sees them or not.

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1 thought on “July 2008 – Update on Randy Pausch”

  1. I say this with more respect for Randy than I have had for any other living soul on this earth, in all of my 62 years, and that includes my brothers, my sisters, my entire family, my parents (yes, them too), and I love them all dearly:

    We love you Randy for what you have taught us, and how you have changed us, for how you changed our perception of life and love and work and what truly matters. May God continue to be close to you, to watch over you, and may He draw you closer to Him whenever it is your time. May He keep you close to Him forever and give you His eternal rest and peace and comfort.
    Thank you, Randy Pausch, for everything you gave us.

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