Listen Doctors! No surprise: more time = more satisfaction

A press release put out by says that the #1 indicator of patient satisfaction with their doctors is the amount of time the doctor spends with them. More time spent equals higher level of satisfaction.

Well — of course!

I can’t imagine too many folks are surprised at this. My email from patients backs this up 100%. The study was conducted with input from more than 5,000 people, and the Dr.Score folks were actually surprised to learn that wait-time (waiting room) wasn’t the biggest complaint. (I find that hard to believe.)

They state that doctors, in order to increase the amount of time they spend with patients, will either have to decrease the number of activities they undertake between patients, or they will have to decrease the numbers of patients they see.

Well — of course again!! But don’t hold your breath.

Don’t forget — the almighty dollar is still the goal. Overhead costs, staff salaries, kids tuitions, fantastic vacations, and hefty mortgages are still demanding satisfaction. There are few doctors who are willing to take a hit on their incomes just so they can spend a few extra minutes with their patients.

Patients — take note! Your satisfaction with the service your doctor provides will be higher if you feel as if your questions have been answered. The best way to make sure that will happen is to be as prepared as possible ahead of any appointment. Make lists of questions. Look up definitions. Have a good sense of what it is you need to know. If you are better prepared, you’ll be more satisfied.

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  1. There is a new group called Medical Survivors group that started locally in CNY. I see it in the pennysaver many times.

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Trisha Torrey
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