Doctor Hunt: Practicing What I Preach

I’m proud of my husband and the reason holds a good lesson for us all…. Over the past six months or so, our experiences with our family doctor’s practice have been less than acceptable. First, Hubby contacted their “prescription refill hotline” about three weeks before his arthritis prescription ran out. He needed a new prescription […]

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Prescription Dangers = ID Theft Possibilities

Still in Sarasota, FL visiting my parents and almost dropped my teeth at a story Dad told me last night. See what you think. Several years ago, Dad began receiving materials about heart health from the local pharmacy, part of a national chain. He tossed them; in his mid-70s, Dad’s heart was going strong (still

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Just a “little” medical fraud

An elderly friend recounted this story to me. He’s upset. I’m upset. And I expect by the time we’re finished, the doctor will be more than a little upset, too. Mr. Z is 90 years old, and except for macular degeneration which renders him mostly blind, he is very healthy and quite sharp. He lives

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Trisha Torrey
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