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Are you a cyberchondriac?

It’s a new word to me, but today I learned it’s been around since 1999 (way back then!) Recognizing the web as fertile ground for those who fantasize they are suffering from some dreadful malady, “cyberchondria” was coined as the internet version of hypochondria, of course. As the moderator on the Research Help Board at …

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Ovarian Cancer – an Invisible Disease

She’s elderly. And for more than six months, she has complained with what seemed to be gastro-intestinal symptoms. Bloat, pain, fullness, lack of appetite, swelling and more. Tests on her gastro system including CT scans, ultrasound and an MRI were run and – nothing. Some of her current drugs, including Zoloft, were cut back to …

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Trisha Torrey
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