Two Healthy De-Cancered Patients

De-cancered — a good word, isn’t it?  Look at these two faces — they look quite healthy, don’t you think?

Well — they most certainly are — quite healthy, despite the chemo both faced prior to proving neither one had the cancer she was diagnosed with.

What this photo doesn’t show, is the emotion behind it.  In fact, I have trouble looking at our smiling faces without choking up. That’s Heather on the right — the young woman who contacted me last June to tell me she had been diagnosed with the same rare lymphoma I had been misdiagnosed with.  We proved the professionals were wrong — Heather had no cancer at all.

And that’s me on the left — I was just so happy to meet my very healthy friend Heather and see for myself, in person, that she’s doing so well!

We met for the first time last week in Las Vegas, not far from where Heather lives, and actually quite far from my home in NY.  I was there to attend an conference — but we made time to see each other.  And it was the very best “event” that took place during the entire visit to Nevada.

My hope for you is that you, too, will take the time to learn everything you can about a diagnosis you’ve been handed — it may be correct, or it may not.  I promise you that if either Heather OR I (or Daniel, who was also misdiagnosed this summer) had believed the professionals, despite our intuition and proof to the contrary, we would not have been able to meet each other, we would not be healthy today — and we would not be here trying to inspire you to better and more successful medical outcomes.

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Trisha Torrey
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