Daniel Was Misdiagnosed with SPTCL, Too

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  In that time I’ve been the Gramma-sitter for my two little grandsons while their new baby sister arrived (welcome Kyla Shay!), buried my ex-husband’s cremains (he died last April), spoken to two groups of patients, recorded two radio shows and finished my book proposal.

Enough excuses, you say!

But neither of these efforts, nor the emotions associated, can come close to the roller coaster Daniel’s family has ridden in the past nine months.  Even those emotions pale in comparison to the relief they felt during the past week as they learned that, just like Heather’s story earlier this summer, and my story, too, Daniel doesn’t have SPTCL either.

Learn more about their discovery and the report from the NIH.

So.  A h*ll of a track record in 3-1/2 months, wouldn’t you say?  Three reports of subcutaneous panniculitis like t-cell lymphoma (SPTCL).  Two of them aren’t even cancer.

I wish you could hear the song in my heart, and see my smile and tears of joy!  If not one single other patient ever benefits from my work, then I will always know these two people – Heather, then Daniel — have been spared chemotherapy.

Pressing on. And OH so happy!!

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Trisha Torrey
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