The Doctor’s Report Card

Most of us patients have very definite impressions when we leave a medical appointment about the doctor’s service to us: either we are satisfied with the experience and appreciate the time and care we’ve received…. or…..

We are frustrated and angry and wish we had the nerve to tell the doctor what we REALLY think about his/her service to us.

So many of us patients are afraid to say what we think. Somehow we put medical professionals on some kind of pedestal as if they aren’t human beings just like us. I receive comments and email from patients every day who are afraid to really communicate their feelings about the way a doctor treats them. And for every one comment about a good doctor, I hear 100 about a bad experience.

So here’s a step in the right direction — a communication tool patients can use to tell their doctors what they really think about the service they’ve received. It’s neutral — it can be used for both good and bad experiences. It allows for all aspects of an appointment. Patients can use as much or as little of it as they want to. And here’s the best part: access is free!

Link to the DiagKNOWsis Doctor’s Report Card here.

And let me know what you think about it, too.

Trisha Torrey
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