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Soldiers’ War Injuries = Pre-existing?

This story from NPR caught my eye this morning. Even those who think I go a bit off the deep end when it comes to casting dispersions on insurance and other payor programs that should be paying for our healthcare and don’t… this will make you think twice. The story concerns American soldiers who have …

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What Sicko Doesn’t Tell Us

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Michael Moore’s movie Sicko provides background on how our American healthcare system has become so dysfuncational, and some of the horrifying ripple effects on the health of our nation. What it fails to mention is one major group of ripples: medical errors and misdiagnoses. According to the US government’s …

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The Darker Side of Alzheimer’s Care

So much positive reaction about Alzheimer’s and dignity, as I blogged about a few days ago… But something depressing and sinister crossed my desk just this morning … a link sent by my dad from the Sarasota (Florida) Tribune regarding the sad reality that most Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers must suffer, and as so much …

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Trisha Torrey
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