Doctors and Patients: It’s All About POV

Point of view — I was struck as I read through the various essays written by Dr. Scott Haig, and published through Time and CNN during the past several weeks, how much point-of-view changes how we look at the world. More importantly, I have a better understanding about how communications improve when we see OUR […]

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Isabel’s Misdiagnosis May Save YOUR Life

Jason Maude wants to save your life. He lives in the UK where healthcare is a given, like a public education. If you are a citizen, you get healthcare. But remarkably, stories of misdiagnosis are identical to those in the US. It seems that regardless of whether healthcare is an entitlement or insured, misdiagnosis still

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Doctors Write “Information Prescriptions”

This month’s AARP Magazine has a good article about finding trustworthy health and medical information online written by David Kushner. (I tried to find it on their website to provide you with a link, but it doesn’t seem to be there.) There is some excellent advice — points I share with readers and workshop attendees

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Trisha Torrey
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