How Doctors DON’T Think: Groopman on the Today Show

My physician-guru, Dr. Jerome Groopman, was on the Today Show this morning to highlight some of the excellent points he made in his book, How Doctors Think. (My editorial opinion — it’s a must-read for anyone who is having trouble getting diagnosed correctly.) But I’m beginning to swerve from my usual train of thought surrounding …

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Docs: It’s OK to Say You Don’t Know

I’m spending a few days visiting my parents in Florida and brought along Dr. Jerome Groopman’s book, How Doctors Think. This is my second reading of this incredibly eye opening and wonderfully useful book. I’m a major fan. This time I’m actually highlighting and post-it noting and starring and turning down page corners. It will …

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Second Opinions That Don’t Count – or Do

I heard from a friend (I’ll call her Nancy) this morning about symptoms she’s been battling for a few months and was unwilling to share with anyone before now. It seems she has been back and forth with several doctors, has two sets of symptoms that could — or might not — be related. And …

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Soldiers’ War Injuries = Pre-existing?

This story from NPR caught my eye this morning. Even those who think I go a bit off the deep end when it comes to casting dispersions on insurance and other payor programs that should be paying for our healthcare and don’t… this will make you think twice. The story concerns American soldiers who have …

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Lymphoma Patients’ “Secret” Option

Before you read this blog post, I’ll beg you to be patient with me. Having been diagnosed with lymphoma myself, and reading the article I’m about to cite, my disgust and anger can’t be bridled… If you have been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, there may be a cure for you that your oncologist hasn’t even …

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What Sicko Doesn’t Tell Us

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Michael Moore’s movie Sicko provides background on how our American healthcare system has become so dysfuncational, and some of the horrifying ripple effects on the health of our nation. What it fails to mention is one major group of ripples: medical errors and misdiagnoses. According to the US government’s …

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A Patient Advocate’s Reaction to Sicko

…. is that Michael Moore has only exposed the very tip of the dysfunctional American health care system’s iceberg. As confessed in yesterday’s blog post, I’ve never been a fan of Michael Moore’s. I think his previous works have been inflammatory and one sided. Not that he doesn’t raise awareness of issues, and not that …

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Isabel’s Misdiagnosis May Save YOUR Life

Jason Maude wants to save your life. He lives in the UK where healthcare is a given, like a public education. If you are a citizen, you get healthcare. But remarkably, stories of misdiagnosis are identical to those in the US. It seems that regardless of whether healthcare is an entitlement or insured, misdiagnosis still …

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Trisha Torrey
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