Stepping on Patient Empowerment’s Toes

Very interesting conversation yesterday with a gentleman named Anthony Cirillo…. Anthony and I are kindred spirits in a couple of different ways. We both hail from marketing backgrounds with probably 50+ years of experience between the two of us. And we’ve both identified a passion within healthcare — me with my Every Patient’s Advocate work, […]

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Sicko Follow-Up: Misguided Notions

I’ve had conversations with dozens of people about Sicko in the two weeks since I’ve seen it. Here’s what I’ve learned in my informal poll: One thing which is less about Sicko and more about a human frailty: that the biggest critics of any movie are the very people who have not viewed it. So

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Why Sicko is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

Some final points about the health insurance industry — a few steps beyond Michael Moore…. Private — even not-for-profit — health insurance companies exist in this country for only one reason — to make a profit and to line the pockets of their employees. Hear me out… They are businesses FIRST, many with investors to

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What Sicko Doesn’t Tell Us

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Michael Moore’s movie Sicko provides background on how our American healthcare system has become so dysfuncational, and some of the horrifying ripple effects on the health of our nation. What it fails to mention is one major group of ripples: medical errors and misdiagnoses. According to the US government’s

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A Patient Advocate’s Reaction to Sicko

…. is that Michael Moore has only exposed the very tip of the dysfunctional American health care system’s iceberg. As confessed in yesterday’s blog post, I’ve never been a fan of Michael Moore’s. I think his previous works have been inflammatory and one sided. Not that he doesn’t raise awareness of issues, and not that

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Trisha Torrey
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