Time Has Marched On


Here we are. It’s 2023 and after 19+ years of working with patients and their advocates, I have (at least SEMI) retired! Over the past few weeks I’ve been updating this website so those who are interested can find the articles and advice I’ve provided…

Which brings us to this post 🙂

The posts you’ll find here on this site are from my “old” Trisha Torrey / Every Patient’s Advocate blog. These articles still contain some great advice and links to help you. However! They are not updated, and they may have broken links in them. So – a good piece of advice is – if you find a broken link, just search for the title of the link and you should be able to find it’s new web address to get the information you need.

In the meantime, if you are interested in patient advocacy advice, you’ll be able to find recent blog posts at the Good Practice blog.

Thanks for stopping by!

Trisha Torrey
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