Your Comments – Loud, Clear, and Acted Upon

There simply are not enough hours in the day.

When the “good idea” part of your brain goes into overdrive, and the clock can’t keep up with it, then you’re left with the same 24 everyone else has – with more stuff to do, stuff that takes longer because it’s new.

Such has been my life since launching my patient empowerment and advocacy work in 2005!

All this to explain why I seem to have disappeared from the patient empowerment world – even though what I’ve really been doing is trying to improve the possibility that a patient can get better care – just in a different way.

That different way is through the world of independent patient advocates, based on an acknowledgement made a number of years ago which may ring true to you, too.

From 2005 to 2012, I used to speak to large groups of patients. I would speak on many different topics that related to being a smart patient, like how to make a list of questions for your doctor, or how to find credible information on the internet.  At the time I was also writing for – which kicked me to the curb in 2014 (I still don’t know why!).  I met some really remarkable and wonderful people – who were getting the shaft from the healthcare system and just needed some good advice.

Over and over again, I heard the same comments.  “I know what you’re talking about is right. I need to ask better questions. I need to look up credible information online. I need to shop for better prices for my drugs. I need to vet new doctors to see if they are any good”… etc etc.  And then…

But I feel so lousy!  I’m so sick! I’m too tired! I just don’t have the wherewithal
to do this myself! I need help!

And so THAT is what I have been working on… finding help, and matching the help with those of you who are needing it.

And now – I’m back to blogging and writing again too!  Thus the point of this post.

Here’s where you can find the help you need:

And here’s where you can find my ideas and writing, specifically to help the patients who need it, providing help because – yes – I heard you loud and clear.  Find me at the AdvoConnection Blog.

Thanks for your patience over these many years!  I’ll continue to bring you the best I can, hoping it will translate to better care for you.

4 thoughts on “Your Comments – Loud, Clear, and Acted Upon”

  1. Good to see you back. I was wondering where you went, was worried. I think bec you talked about your personal experience they may have dropped you. I remember that was one of your last posts. God Bless you Trisha.

  2. Thanks Denise, for your kind words.

    I didn’t really go anywhere – just hibernated while I built the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, and its directory at AdvoConnection.

    Still working on behalf of patients!

  3. Trisha, you are such a beacon of light for so many (including myself!) and I am glad to see you back in the saddle again, doing what you do best…advocating for others! The ♥ is there! ☺

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Trisha Torrey
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