Tributes to the Bettys – Mom and Betty Ford

This is a bit of a diversion from my usual patient empowerment topics, but I hope you’ll find it of interest. Definitely seems worth sharing.

It’s an Ode to the Bettys – two women I have long admired.  They never met each other, but they shared a name, and yes – they are (kinda sorta) doppelgangers, too.

On the left is Betty Torrey – my mother – who was, of course, an inspiration throughout my life. I’ve shared Mom and her Alzheimer’s Disease with you before.  Mom never really understood my change in careers to supporting patients because by the time I made the change, her disease was too advanced for her to be able to understand.  But she would have loved it. And she would have been right there with us. I know she was supportive in spirit.

On the right, of course, is Betty Ford.  Betty Ford was an inspiration for her willingness to speak out, to talk about reality, to confront issues that had been, to that point, unspeakable.  She spoke about breast cancer when no one had dared use the word ‘breast’ before in the media.  When her family realized she had become addicted to pain killers, they intervened.  When she learned to control her addiction, she took an even bigger step and built a center to help others learn to control their addictions, too.

Betty Torrey was an inspiration to me and others around her.  Betty Ford was an inspiration to (perhaps) millions.

May both of them rest in peace knowing the positive impacts they had on their worlds.


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4 thoughts on “Tributes to the Bettys – Mom and Betty Ford”

  1. Tricia, a lovely post, thank you. Though would truly like to know more about Betty Torrey, and how she inspired/supported you.

    Meantime wishing you all the best, and hoping to catch up soon.

  2. Great testimony to two wonderful women! (They actually look like they could’ve been sisters)

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