O! Fun to be Found in O Magazine

In the five years I’ve been working on patient empowerment and patient advocacy, I’ve been thrilled to have been quoted in the likes of the Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, Forbes, Fox, NPR, PBS and others…

But now I know I have arrived — because O Magazine came calling!  Sure enough — an article called Someone on Your Side — it’s about hiring a patient advocate to help you through a medical problem. Because I am the founder of AdvoConnection and work extensively with private patient advocates, I am one of the people quoted in the article.

I join three of my distinguished (and very talented!) colleagues.  Hari Khalsa is the Health Whisperer.  One of her patient-clients who was being treated for thyroid cancer just could not get her doctors to coordinate her care.  Hari stepped in to make sure the care was coordinated and Tracy, the patient, got what she needed.

Gail Gazelle is cited in the article, too.  Gail owns a private advocacy business called MDCanHelp.  Gail points out that too often doctors just don’t have the time to devote to care coordination as they should.  Private patient advocates step in to fill the gap.

And Ken Schueler, who has been coordinating care for cancer patients for many years, is quoted, too.  Ken provides some advice for finding good health information online about diseases, clinical trials and more.

The most important information for you?  When you read the article, you’ll realize how important it is you find an advocate to help you.  Although the Patient Advocate Foundation might work for you if you can’t afford an advocate (they handle insurance and  claims issues) — if you need care coordination and help with your medical decisions, then you must give serious consideration to hiring a private patient advocate.

So how do you find these people?  Simple:  a directory of advocates who have been reviewed for their expertise, and work closely with patients like you everyday:  www.AdvoConnection.com.

Private patient advocates provide you with improved health outcomes AND peace of mind.

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  1. Hi, Trish,

    I did see this article, and thought it was very informative; giving the different reasons a person might need a patient advocate and what to look for in a patient advocate. I have been lucky enough to have know Dr. Gazelle, and realize just how much it put my mind at ease to know there was someone I could call if I needed help for me or a family member.

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Trisha Torrey
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