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Paying for healthcare is getting more and more difficult, whether it’s affording insurance premiums, paying for expensive drug prescriptions or managing without coverage at all.  And there’s no sign that it will get any easier anytime soon, as we all know too well.

I’ve been contacted by a TV news network to help recruit two patients who need help managing their healthcare costs.  Do you fit either of these profiles?

  1. Someone who is recently laid-off, or for some reason no longer has health insurance and needs a medical procedure. Not a life threatening medical problem, but still serious enough that you know you need to get the procedure.  We will work with you to negotiate costs with the hospital (we will talk with the hospital first).
  2. Someone who has insurance and has a condition which creates an ongoing need for a prescription drug — several drugs if possible.   Perhaps you’ve recently been laid off and you’re using COBRA?  Or maybe your employer doesn’t pay for your healthcare.  We will work with you to lower the cost of your drugs.

In both cases, we’re hoping to find someone who lives in Upstate New York or the New York City area.

If you fit either profile or know someone who does, and you (or they) are willing to be on TV, please send me an email at: tv@epadvocate.com

We will choose the people we’ll work with by Monday, April 6.

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Trisha Torrey
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