Some Light Reading and Good Dinner Conversation


Lest you think patient advocacy is all about sticking up for yourself through doom and gloom, I thought I’d share this piece from Prevention Magazine.  I enjoyed it, and learned something from this baker’s dozen of tips. Maybe you’ll learn something, too:

  1. Why do we laugh until we cry?
  2. Why do onions make us tear up?
  3. Why do our joints crack?
  4. What causes goose bumps?
  5. What makes an eyelid twitch?
  6. Why are we always cold?
  7. Are our ears still growing?
  8. Are all babies born without freckles?
  9. What causes pins and needles?
  10. Why do we see halos around lights?
  11. Are “crankles” good for you?
  12. Can gum and cheese help your teeth?
  13. Why do we get side stitches?

One aspect of being a smart patient is being an informed patient.  While few of these will actually help you heal or navigate the dysfunctional American healthcare system, at least they’ll give you something to talk about over the dinner table with your family — a very healthy family activity.


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