Informed Consent Called Into Question

A new post by my blog guest Anonymous, poses a question, “Informed consent is just a cruel joke, isn’t it?”

This gentleman, who underwent surgery, was given Versed as anesthesia, despite stating that he did not want to be given any drug that would render him unconscious.  So, not only did he deny consent, he stated that he did not want to be put to sleep at all.

We don’t know too many of the details, and we have not been given the other side of this story.

But it does call patients rights into question.  And our understanding of Informed Consent.

Take a read — see what you think — and if you have ideas for what could have been done differently?  Please post your comments, too.

Versed, PTSD and Questions About Informed Consent

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2 thoughts on “Informed Consent Called Into Question”

  1. Trish,
    I was taught as a paramedic to cross off and initial what I did not want done to me. They told me they did not have to treat me then. That is not right and put up red flags for the care I needed.

  2. Trisha,

    I have a horrific story about informed consent, Versed, and the Medical Board of California telling me that “general anesthesia can be traumatizing even when everything is done appropriately.” Versed was obviously used in my case to try and cover for my waking up still intubated without an IV and no pain medication in my system. Problem is, I remember. I have PTSD. They are getting away with it and I too am unable to pay the money to hire an attorney.

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