Patient Safety Day, “Independence” Takes on a New Meaning

Sometimes the best way to accomplish the most is to get good heads together for conversation, brainstorming and more.  Some of those names we hear over and over again in the patient safety world were able to join forces at a picnic in Aiken, South Carolina, on July 4th.

Organized by Dianne Parker, the group was able to discuss safety initiatives and ideas, and remember those who have been lost due to medical errors.

The goal?  To make this world “independent” of patient safety violations — to save lives and stop the loss of them to medical errors.

Here are some of the dedicated folks who were able to make the picnic, all standing in front of the Consumer’s Union Cover America Tour Big Blue Bus:

Left to right: Curtis & Lisa Lindell, author of 108 Days, Houston, TX.
Helen Haskell, President, Mothers Against Medical Error, South Carolina
Kim Sandstrom, Mothers Against Medical Error, Ocala Florida
Dianne Parker, President, Patient Safety Advocates, Aiken, South Carolina
Lorin & Christine Jones,, Farmington, New Mexico
Dr. Ira Williams, author of First Do No Harm, Greenville, South Carolina

Missing from the photo is Sanjaya Kumar, MD, author of Fatal Care who was also in attendance.


Thanks to Lisa Lindell for sending the photo, and to all who attended for taking one more step toward awareness and solutions.  You are all fixers — and I appreciate that!

(Wish I could have joined you!)

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