A Sea of Broken Hearts – Dad Posts About the Loss of Alex

I’ve added another guest post this morning — one that will break your heart, too.

John T. James, PhD, a dad — and now a fixer — posted about his son Alex, a seemingly healthy 19-year-old college runner who one day collapsed, was hospitalized, and died a few weeks later.

The problem is, of course, Alex should not have died.  He didn’t die because his body couldn’t handle his medical problem.  He died because his doctors couldn’t handle his medical problem.

Dr. James has written a book called A Sea of Broken Hearts — you’ll likely want to pick up a copy once you’ve read what he has to say. He’s on a campaign to improve patient safety and establish a national statement of patients’ rights, something that does not exist.  (Most are surprised at the lack of standard patients’ rights, but that’s absolutely true.)

One more reminder that life is precious — and if we don’t advocate for ourselves, and protect ourselves from healthcare, we may not survive long enough to right this deadly system.

Read what Dr. James has to say.  Get angry.  Then work toward being a fixer yourself.

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