The Blue Beast, and Your Chance to Make a Difference

I spent a few hours yesterday with a delightful team of people who YOU should get to know, too.The Blue Beast (Cover America Tour)

Meg, Pauline and Blake are traversing the country this summer in a big blue bus (they call it the blue beast!) in the Cover America Tour. Sponsored by Consumers Union (the Consumer Reports folks) it is intended to help you tell your story of whatever run-ins you’ve had with the American healthcare system through videos that will be shared with others.

The goal? To make the case that the system is broken, needs fixing, and to get some real dialog going on how to do that. We’re past the lip service part. We need action!

So here’s how it works, and how you can participate:

If you have a story to tell that highlights the breakdowns in the system — a medical error, a misdiagnosis, an inability to afford your care, an insurance nightmare, or whatever it might be…. link to the map of the Cover America Tour and see if they will be anywhere near you. Meg tells me the map will be updated every couple of weeks as they continue making their plans. Their plans change every day as they hear from new people who want to be interviewed — and if you have a good story that should be included, they’ll stop in your town to meet you.

Pauline, Blake and MegHere’s how to let them know who you are, and why you want to participate: Share Your Story

The tour runs from now through mid-September, so keep an eye. I will update my email list every couple of weeks on upcoming locations. If you would like to be included, then sign up to receive notices. (If you are already on my list, you don’t need to sign up again.)

And if you are contacted? how about coming back here to let us know — we’ll link to your story online.

Safe travels and godspeed to Meg, Pauline and Blake. It’s a wonderful thing they are doing — committing months of their lives, away from their loved ones, to help us all.

Trisha Torrey
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