Update on Randy Pausch, Known for His Lecture of a Lifetime

pausch.jpgLast September, a gentleman and professor from Carnegie Mellon (Carnegie Tech) made headlines when he announced he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, then stood before a lecture hall of students and gave his “lecture of a lifetime.” It’s about achieving one’s childhood dreams.

I watched it again this morning. As I said when I wrote about Dr. Pausch’s lecture last September, it is simply brilliant and brilliantly simple.

And it still melts me down.

But this post is not about Dr. Paush’s lecture; instead it’s an update on his health and life. I discovered this morning that he keeps a blog that provides that update. He is still in treatment, and so far is finding some success with a cocktail of drugs containing Gemcitabine+Tarceva+Avastin.

He’s been doing everything from spending time with his family, to advocating and lobbying Congress for more funding for research in pancreatic cancer. And yes, he’s still collecting stuffed animals and achieving his goals.

So in case you were wondering, or in case you’d forgotten, Dr. Randy Pausch is alive, as well or better than might have been expected, and is definitely making a difference.

As Dr. Pausch stated in his lecture, “We cannot change the cards we are dealt; we can only control the way we play the hand.”

Find updates to this post:

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15 thoughts on “Update on Randy Pausch, Known for His Lecture of a Lifetime”

  1. How great to hear an update on this man. I too was touched by his lecture, and the light emanating from this individual. I am glad to know he is fighting and still here to touch many more lives. His life is a blessing to all who become aware of him.

  2. I am a pancreatic cancer survivor of 15 years having been treated at MDAnderson in 93 with the samae Whipple Chemo and radiation. I think I have had survivor’s guilt and have rarely talked about it and now feel guilty about that also. Now I am going for some testing and am a bit scaared as I just had an attack of pancreatitis, just been diaganosed with fatty liver and diabetes so we’ll see today if I am still beating the odds. And no, I don’t drink or smoke and am not overweight. I am now married to a French citizen so I am recieving wonderful health care, yes it’s as good as you’ve heard. But if I beat the odds again I think I should get busy and help out. My prayers and thoughts are with Randy and us all. How can I help? PS my brother also a non smoker non drinker died of pancreatic cancer 4 years ago.

  3. I was touched by a documentary that Dian Sawyer did on Randy and family. I just want to tell you that I am with you in my prayers.

  4. Randy@Jai@Family
    I am almost done your book “The Last Lecture” I first saw you on Oprah. You are an amazing man!! I pray for you and your wife and your children. I am hoping rather praying for a MIRACLE.
    You have touched many people. Remember you never die your spirit lives on and will thru your wife and kids. You are going to be one Special ANGEL!!
    God Bless you all
    love evelyn

  5. Randy, My family is praying for God to let you live much longer than normally expected. Also, we ask the Lord in this special time,for to you feel good and be free from pain so you can achive great things in helping to raise enough money to give to smart researchers in finding a cure for cancer of the pancreas.The great purpose for your life is shining brightly and your book has been widely read and enjoyed by everyone we know in Dallas, Texas.
    God Bless You and your family, Blanch Lane

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