Reader’s Digest “Outrageous” Tells Michael Skolnik’s Story

The subtitle reads, “Good physicians know the bad ones in their midst. Why don’t they point fingers?”

Good question, don’t you think?

The article, entitled Doctors Who Do Harm, tells about doctors who maim and kill — as their colleagues stand by, watch, and don’t tell a soul. Why? According to Arthur Levin, of the Center for Medical Consumers, says it’s because “Doctors say, ‘There but for the grace of God go I. Do I want to take away this guy’s livelihood?'”

Let’s see. Taking away the guy’s livelihood? Or stopping him from killing someone else?

Are you kidding?

The story of the doctor who killed Michael Skolnik is one of those featured. Michael’s mother, Patty, has put her devastation at the loss of her son into efforts to have legislation passed in Colorado to expose doctors who should not be treating patients. Maybe their colleagues were silent, but the loved ones left behind won’t be.

Read the article. See what you think. And the next time you are scheduled for surgery, please make sure you have checked out your doctor VERY VERY carefully.

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  1. Great article :)Thanks for showing…to date have gotten 150 calls from across the country..I have called everyone back up till yesterday….More to come tomorrow..its an epidemic out there..

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