Jarvik’s Lipitor Commercials – Was Any of It True?

Questions began circulating about the Pfizer TV and magazine commercials for Lipitor earlier this month. You’ve seen them — Robert Jarvik, the supposed “inventor of the artificial heart” touts his use of Lipitor as his way of controlling his cholesterol levels so he won’t have a heart attack like his father did.

He runs. He rows. He plays physician in his white doctor-coat. And it turns out, he (or actually, Pfizer) pulls the wool over our eyes.

Maybe he runs. But a body double rows. He’s not a practicing physician. And lo and behold, while he invented AN artificial heart, he didn’t invent the first one.

I’m feeling “took” — how about you?

Learn more about his ad, how we TVviewers and magazine readers “misinterpreted” and what’s going to happen next at my About.com blog…. and while you are there, take the poll, too!

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Trisha Torrey
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