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This is the announcement I’ve been waiting to make to you, and it’s finally time to spring it….

I’m pleased to tell you that as of Friday, has launched a new site for Patient Empowerment — and yours truly is the expert behind the scenes.

aboutlogo.gif is owned by the New York Times — and has some impressive credentials:

  • is one of the 15 most visited Web sites in the US
  • is a top-ten content site
  • Every month, 34 million unique visitors in the U.S. (average; Nielsen//NetRatings) and 51 million worldwide (average: About metrics)
  •’s content is created by a network of more than 600 Guides. These people are passionate about their topic areas, and have deep expertise and credentials in their fields. Guides make sure our visitors find answers and advice that are personally relevant, credible, and useful – all delivered in a human, accessible voice.
  • is a “companion to your news” site, providing depth and breadth behind current topics

A big benefit to those with interest is the fact that we will have an ongoing forum on any topic of interest related to healthcare delivery — the good and the ugly.

Yes, this personal blog will continue. This blog and the one at will cover different topics on any given day, so you’ll want to check them both. Comment on them, too!

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