EYEWTK* About Healthcare Costs

(*Everything You Ever Wanted to Know!) About Healthcare Costs

I just came across this interesting website to share with you called Out of Pocket

It’s a good attempt at transparency — the real costs of healthcare — as they relate to the costs of individual services, tests, doctor visits, insurance, treatments, etc.

If you’re willing to participate, they even ask for input of what you have paid in locations all across the US so others can figure out what they will pay.

Transparency is a huge problem in containing healthcare costs. Rare is the patient who calls the doctor’s office to ask what he charges for an appointment, or how much they’ll charge you to test your blood or any other service at any other facility. And because we don’t pay directly for services most of the time (because we instead pay health insurance premiums, and then the health insurance company reimburses) — we are just removed from it. We just don’t know what we are spending.

The links page will take you to dozens of websites that can help you understand the costs better. Very eye opening… give it a look see!

It’s EYEWTK — but please don’t ever be afraid to ask 🙂

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Trisha Torrey
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