California Fires: A lesson in medical records

Last night I spoke with my daughter, Becca, who lives in Carlsbad, California — not far from the raging fires now found throughout the area. She lives directly west of the evacuated areas, between the fires and the ocean.

She tells me no one is really sure what to do. They can’t find water to drink, nor can they find masks to filter the air they breathe.

I’m a worried Mom, of course. On the east coast, we watch the news — but feel helpless to do more than watch.

It’s not so difficult for old Mom here to relate — I live in the northeast and we get blizzards that create emergencies every few years. Perhaps the difference is the once-burned, twice-shy maxim — no pun intended. We know they arrive every few years, so we know to keep batteries, water, blankets, etc around “just in case.”

For those in California with difficult medical conditions, I hope they’ve prepared their medical records for transportation, too. There’s an easy way that doesn’t involve putting them online, but makes them easily accessible. Included on your flash drive (see instructions when you link) — is your ICE information (In Case of Emergency.)

If you have a mind to, please keep Becca, her partner Ed, (and doggy Harley, too) in your prayers.

And as soon as you can, prepare YOUR records in case you find yourself in an emergency, too.

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Trisha Torrey
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