Interesting Searches

I’m only adding this post because I think you might be as interested as I am at the searches people do when they somehow find my blog. WordPress gives us this information in our behind-the-scenes statistics.

Of course there are hundreds of searches that will find my various postings. Most would be what you would expect, such as “patient advocate” or “medical mistakes” or “communicate with doctors.”

So these are just some I found to be unusual. You’ll be surprised and in some cases, entertained. I’m writing them just as they appear on my list. People have done searches for:

(in no particular order)

  • lies in patient’s medical records
  • lemondade cause heartburn?
  • blacklisting of patients
  • mrsa in the nfl
  • health, insurance, canadians
  • silencing alarms nurses point of view
  • medical malpractice neurosurgeons
  • What does a pharmaceutical rep make?
  • fibroid how big is big
  • intuition and cancer
  • oncologists making money on patients
  • infomercials
  • “M.D.”+”doctors talk about themselves”
  • told i had a fatal disease lawsuit
  • we pay you to play

And my favorite (drum roll please!)…… colonoscopy polyp jokes

I don’t think that last person found those jokes on my blog — but perhaps if s/he did find some somewhere, they could be shared?

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Trisha Torrey
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