CBS Reports on NFL Concussion Stance

If you were interested in the interview with Brent Boyd about the concussions he suffered while playing in the NFL, and his concern over reports of the cause of death of Andre Waters, you’ll be interested in my blog post last February: Football, Concussion and Suicide.

The NFL says that on any given Sunday, eight players suffer from concussion – yet they are denying disability payments to their players who cannot work due to those injuries after they retire.

And here’s a surprise… the vignette concludes that the NFL may be more interested in profits than it is in the welfare of the players who made those profits for them.

Yeah. Surprise, surprise.

I can’t find a link to the story itself, but here is Cynthia Bowers, the reporter’s, blog post.

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  1. Neuropsych testing will do nothing to help players in retirement. Dan Morgan, Palamalu and Roethlisberger are all under IMPACT testing now.Currently they are not being removed from the games long enough. Their post concussive lives will be the same as the retired players of today. The league must mandate an on field preventitive proven to help reduce concussion in Patriot players. Their own video replay statistics confirm the retainer like jaw stabilizer designed by the Tufts head and neck specialist who treats the Patriots. This is one of the reasons a separation from boxing has been the focus of the concussion committee, concussion in boxing creates white spots on the brain proven in study, now with the recent cases prove football is the same. Blows to the unprotected mandibular nerve may be the connection. This Theory is backed by the fact Ted Johnson say’s he had thirty concussions wearing the Maher mouth guard, Yet he has no white spots on his brain, the only player with such claims who does not have white spots or Vaso spasms. Dr.Maher recently stated he has a good jaw, but he has had helmet problems. He actually split a helmet, he may have been having concussion from blows to the crown of the head his tackling style. ESPN has suggested players on enhancers experience these concussion like symptoms. This is plenty of information for an NFL funded study, the smoking gun was their ten years ago, that is the problem.

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Trisha Torrey
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